Colibri launches E-Colibri, an innovative solution to increase your Go-To-Business

Colibri, an editor or Demand & Supply Planning cloud software, introduces a new offer (E-Colibri) that aims to accelerate to companies Go To Business when implementing their sales forecasting tool.

E-Colibri, an innovative solution

E-Colibri is a simple pre-packaged SaaS solution at an attractive monthly price.

The main idea behind E-Colibri is to be able to start your forecasts in an easy to use and simple tool in just a few clicks on your computer in full autonomy. Additional service options are available later, for customers who wants some help (more functionalities…).

Nicolas Commare, General Director at Colibri explains: “Colibri initial ambition as always been to decrease the Go-To-Business. Meaning, to reduce the time between the moment you have the idea to go for a new tool and the moment you see the ROI. In an environment whose increasingly changing and demanding, it seems essential to be able to quickly see the ROI when implementing a new solution.”

For the traditional tools, the Go-To-Business is usually around one and a half and two years. With Colibri, the Go-To-Business decreased to 12 months. The ambition with E-Colibri is to reduce that time to 6 months.


An easier access to the international market with E-Colibri

The benefit of offering a solution online, without needing to go through a project phase, will also allowed Colibri, a French company based in Paris, to address the international public. Indeed, internationalization is one of the key stakes for Colibri in 2019, as explained Nicolas Commare when he got back in France.

“By removing as much as possible the obstacles to a direct use of the solution, E-Colibri will be able to address the international market. I am highly optimistic about this new offer » concludes Nicolas Commare.


About Colibri

Colibri is a Supply Chain Planning solution where you can manage your demand, supply, distribution, forecasts, replenishments and S&OP processes. Colibri main values are SMART, SAFE and SIMPLE. It’s an easy to use solution hosted in the cloud Microsoft Azure.