Colibri will now work with integrator and distributor partners

Colibri, begin its second development phase and will now work with integrators and distributors partners. ALOER, a Consulting Company specialized in Supply Chain Management and ERP become its first distributor partner.

Colibri, the Demand and Supply Planning solution, was created 5 years ago with the objective to change how we use Supply Chain tools. By offering a 100% Cloud solution, that go against long and expensive usual decision process, Colibri rapidly set itself in the Supply Chain ecosystem as the ergonomic, affordable and quick to implement solution.

With the success of its business model, Colibri decide now to jump to its next development phase: the distribution using a partner’s network.

« ALOER is a human size firm, expert in Supply Chain, and with a strong presence in the Rhône-Alpes region. We share the same values and the same DNA and are really happy of the outcome of its partnership, that will be a success I am sure» explains Nicolas Commare, General Director at Colibri.


Etienne Georges, ALOER managing director, adds: « We wanted to develop a solution meant for industrials that have gaps in experiences, production site sizes, different skills level on forecasts matter. When checking the market for forecasts software we discovered this agile, easy to use, collaborative and quick to implement solution: Colibri. »