“Smart and easy demand planning”

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*Only for VISION (demand planning module)



30 days free trial

  • $600 for 1 user (2 users for $800 – Free for students)
  • Up to 2 dimensions and up to 4 levels per dimensions
  • Volumetry up to 30 000 sku
  • Complete pre-packaged environement
  • Monthly updates of the data 
  • Limited customer support
  • No commitment
  • Project
  • Training
  • Mimetism function for new product management
  • Specific exports (aditional cost)
  • Weekly forecasts
  • Replenishment planning module
  • Reporting module

Optional Services

  • Training on the solution
  • Set up of a process, strategic consulting
  • Set up of automatics imports

*Free trial for 30 days
*Free for students, subject to a valid certificate of education.



Price on demand

  • 5 users and more
  • No limitation on dimensions and levels
  • No limitation on volumetry
  • Complete pre-packaged environment
  • Automatic imports – No excel files needed
  • Customer support
  • 1 year commitment
  • Workshops to define full modeling and processes
  • Training
  • Mimetism function for new product management
  • Specific exports
  • Weekly forecasts
  • Replenishment planning module 
  • Reporting module 

Optional Services

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We believe that demand planning should be accessible to everyone. For this reason we are now offering an “essential” version of our amazing software at a highly competitive price. If you are not 100% sure that’s ok, you get one month free and there is no commitment! So what are you waiting for? Join the Colibri adventure!


> What happens when I start a free trial?

Once you complete the free trial form you will automatically receive an email that will explains how to send us back your data in order for us to create your database in Colibri.

You will then receive your personal logins to your database with your data uploaded and setted up.

From there you have one month to use Colibri and try our solution!

After a month, you can either sign a user contract to keep your database as it is or stop using Colibri, and we will simply delete permanantly your database and all data from our servers.

> Can I change my plan?  

You can change from one plan to another easily, simply contact us and we will help you with that!

> What can Colibri Essential help me accomplish?

With Colibri Essential, you will be able to manage your demand planning process.

Clean your historical data, use simple statistical models to do your forecasts and if necessary adjust them manually at any level you want.

By using Colibri for your sales forecasts you will save a tremendous amount of time, decrease your stock levels, reduce your shortage, increase your reliability rate… Check our success stories to learn more!




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  • 1 or 2 users
  • One month free
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